8C Equity Investment Trust

8C Equity Units for the wise Investors

8C Equity Investment Trust sells a fixed number of units to the investors, who receive a proportionate share of net income from the underlying trust. Based on a smart contract protocol, the 8CEIT unit is redeemable and represents an undivided interest in a specific portfolio of securities on 8th Continent Social Marketplace.

Trustee you can trust

8C Equity Investment Trust is supervised and managed, as opposed to classic unit investment trusts, to insure benefit for the investors.

Offering Period

8C Equity Units Crowdsale starts on  August 8th 2019. You may invest in 8C Equity Investment Trust using fiat or cryptocurrencies or the ECB tokens (Eighth Continent Bits)  you purchased during the Distributive Crowdsale.

Don't miss your chance to participate in one of the most exciting investments today!

Futures Contracts


Futures Traders

The 8th Continent Social Marketplace offers for traders of 8th Continent Social Marketplace a very large variety of digital commodities as well as digital securities. The volume of this large Chinese market is perfect for Futures Contracts either you wish to sell or buy a specific type of asset a specific time at a given price. Would you like to eliminate volatility of an asset's price that represent strategic interest for you or your digital businesses on 8th Continent Social Marketplace, or would you want to bet on the direction in which a digital asset's price will move, trade futures or close out prior to maturity. Our Investors can enter into the Futures Contracts with no upfront cost.

8th Continent ICO

Hedging your investments

As standardized contracts our Futures Contracts are exchange-traded directly on the 8th Continent Social Marketplace the first of its kind Digital Market in China. The 8th Continent Clearing House guarantees the transactions, unlike the forward contracts signed between private individuals. There is indeed a high counterparty risk signing a forward contract i.e. a chance that a party may default on its side of the agreement, therefore we do not advise our clients to buy into such financial instruments.



We offer to Company owners on 8th Continent Social Marketplace the chance to enter the Futures Contracts to lock in an acceptable price for a specific digital commodity and their counterpart to lock in a guaranteed supply of the digital commodity. These derivatives reduce risk by hedging, though both Parties remain exposed to the risks that prices will change. At 8th Continent Equity Investment Trust we offer guaranteed  price derivatives (GPD) when our clients enter the Smart Contract with us in CNY. We track the expiration dates of the underlying futures market contracts weekly, while our clients contract price is guaranteed (GPD) over the month. Our risk is your gain!

Open a Broker Account

Sign up to a Broker Account directly on 8th Continent Social Marketplace under 8th Continent Equity Investment Trust and join Smart Contracts we offer monthly. Sign up for more information.

Innovation and precision

Seventh Continent Ltd

Powerful Engine Behind

Eighth Continent Investment Trust's services run on the powerful Engine developed by Seventh Continent Ltd. in the UK.

Smart Contracts

All smart contracts are based on Ethereum Blockchain and are developed by the  team of Seventh Continent Ltd. for Eighth Continent Investment Trust.