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8th Continent Equity Investment Trust

About Us


The New Deal

8th Continent Equity Investment Trust is the only accredited Trust of 8th Continent Social Marketplace. The Marketplace is the first and the largest social stock and commodities exchange, hub of privately owned digital companies in China.

Invest in the first Social Marketplace in China! Get ready to have fun and take full advantage of the limitless trading and investment opportunities.


Large variety

8C Equity Investment Trust has in its portfolio a selection of 88 handpicked and screened companies with large capabilities.

We use weighted average market capitalization index to calculate potential yield of the portfolio.

8th Continent Social Marketplace ICO

Our security is your garantee

Our investors profit is guaranteed by the Sino-British Operator of 8th Continent Social Marketplace. We like to be ahead of speculation and secure our valuable investors' profit.

Our Service

Made to measure

We are proposing investors to participate into the profit of winner companies on 8th Continent Social Marketplace through a smart contract protocol. 8C Equity Investment Trust is an investment that allows investors to participate in dividends and capital gains of the largest Chinese digital companies of the Marketplace, without purchasing a large number of the equities directly on 8th Continent Social Marketplace and 8th Continent Social Stock Exchange.

You can withdraw your profit in CNY, BTC, ETH or ECB the digital currency of 8th Continent Social Marketplace.

Volatility and Withdrawal

When you purchase fixed capital gain units (you are actually participating in a protocol of a smart contract) from 8C Equity Investment Trust, you are protected against digital currency's volatility. We like to lower to minimum your risk tolerance rate!

Life of Trust

Our core investment cycle is one year. Our customer friendly approach lets you cash out instantly when term ends, or reinvest! We shall recommend you new investment opportunities or fixed capital gain trust services. It is up to you to continue investing with us and make more profit or withdraw your funds once your investment plan's term comes to end.

Our Solution



There is no foolproof system for picking stocks! If you are in search of a magic key to unlock instant wealth, we're sorry, but we know of no such key.

Art rather than Science


So many factors affect a company's health that it is nearly impossible to construct a formula that will predict success. It is one thing to assemble data that you can work with, but quite another to determine which numbers are relevant.

Intuitive process


A lot of information is intangible and cannot be measured. The quantifiable aspects of a company, such as profits, are easy enough to find. But how do you measure the qualitative factors, such as the company's staff, its competitive advantages, its reputation and so on?

The irrational element


Because of the human element inherent in the forces that move the stock market, stocks do not always do what you anticipate they'll do. Emotions can change quickly and unpredictably. And unfortunately, when confidence turns into fear, the stock market can be a dangerous place.

"best guess"


There is no one way to pick stocks. Better to think of every stock strategy as nothing more than an application of a theory. Sometimes two seemingly opposed theories can be successful at the same time.

The Good News


At 8C Equity Investment Trust you don't need to pick stocks, we do it on your behalf. In order to fulfill our engagement towards our investors only 8th Continent Social Marketplace's profit generating Top88 companies stocks are allowed to figure in our portfolio! In case a company fails to make short term profit, it is automatically discarded and replaced in the portfolio by another better performing one. 

How to invest with us?

Participate in the Distributive Crowdsale of ECB Tokens


Buy tokens of 8th Continent Social Marketplace for BTC, ETH, USD, EUR, CNY, HKD during the crowdsale. You will invest tokens purchased in our 8th Continent Equity Investment Trust's fund. Hold your Shares, lay back and cash out when term ends.

One-stop Shop Enrolment

8th Continent Social Marketplace ICO

Our customer friendly approach requires no tedious paperwork; instead an instant enrolment via smart contract.

Yield between 10%-18%


Only profit generating companies of 8th Continent Social Marketplace include our Equity Trust's portfolio. Therefore we can guarantee a profitable return for your investment.

Please visit our Quarterly Reports for more details.

Fundamental or technical?

8th Continent ICO

Every strategy has its own merits...

Intrinsic value

As opposed to the the value at which it is being traded the intrinsic value of stocks is obtained by analyzing the company's fundamentals. This way you will know that the stock is worth more than its current price and that it makes sense to buy the stock.

The premise behind all the strategies is basically the same: a company worth the sum of its discounted cash flow. What does this mean? This means that a company is worth all of its future profits added together, and these future profits shall be discounted to account for the time value of money (the force by which the 1 token you recieve in a year's time is worth less than 1 token you receive today).

A business is all about profit making after all: the plain old revenue minus expenses (such as salaries, supplies, equipment costs, etc.)

Fundamental investors

You assume that people are rational, that nobody would buy a business for more than its future discounted cash flows. It doesn't make sense for a stock's price to fluctuate so much when the intrinsic value isn't changing by the minute. Your strategy is guided by value and not the trends and tendencies in the market. The real challenge is determining how far into the future you shall forecast cash flows. The problem with projecting far into the future is that we have to account for the different rates at which a company will grow as it enters different phases.

For technical investors

If you are keen to follow a short term strategy you do not view stocks as a representation of discounted cash flows, but as trading vehicles. You would say: who cares what the cash flows are if you can sell the stock to somebody else for more than what you paid for it?

Option Contracts

Soon to become reality on the new 8th Continent Social Marketplace in China: call and put options will be available for investors as a value added service offered exclusively for an introductory time period of 8 months by 8th Continent Equity Investment Trust.

Buy profit of leading companies of 8th Continent Social marketplace!

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